Thanksgiving Activities for Children

Thanksgiving Activities for Children

We’re going out for Thanksgiving lunch this year with three kiddos, two of whom will be jet-lagged after traveling about half way around the world the day before.  So, in an effort to ensure we are still thankful for the children at the end of the meal (kidding!), we have put together a little tote for each child filled with what we hope will keep them busy for hours!  We scoured Pinterest for some of the best Thanksgiving activities and compiled them into one PDF, and we wanted to share it with you right here —> Thanksgiving Activities.

We made a personalized cover sheet for each child saying how thankful we are for him or her, and, along with some play doh and a box of crayons and markers, put it all in their very own personalized Tote!  (Our Totes are on sale so get yours now!)

The activities are individually saved on our Thanksgiving Pinerest board if you want to look at them there, and be sure to follow all our boards on Pinterest here.

We wish you all a happy, peaceful Thanksgiving!

♥︎Agnes & Velma