Social Sentiments: Embroidered Keepsakes and Gifts

If you have something you would like to preserve in a unique and original way, let SM Luxe embroider it for you!  From a child’s drawing to a family crest to a cherished love letter, SM Luxe will work with you to determine the perfect design, layout, fonts, and thread colors for your keepsake.  In most cases, customer provides items to embroider.  Please note not all fabrics are suitable for all embroidery.  SM Luxe will assist you in determining the best fabric options for your Social Sentiment.  A few possible Keepsakes:

     Children’s Art 
     Photographs or Paintings 
     Quotes, Poems, Letters 


Digitizing Fee: If using your own design (children’s artwork, photograph, painting, logo, etc.), there will be a one time digitizing fee in order to convert the image to an embroidery file that our machines can use.  This fee is based upon the actual size of the finished product and the number of stitches in the design.  Contact SM Luxe for a quote; please make sure to include approximate size desired for finished product as well as your image.  Please note, there will also be an embroidery fee to stitch the design.

Embroidery Fee: This fee is based on the actual size of the finished product and the number of stitches in the design.  Bulk pricing is available. 

Timeline: Each SM Super Luxe product is a work of art and unique in every way.  We recommend allowing one month from start to finish for each project.  When possible SM Luxe will work with customers to rush orders.  Rush fees may apply.

There is a $50 fee to begin the process of creating your Embroidered Keepsake, which will be applied to your order.  

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